Make That Impression Count

Having a website today is vital for any business, a large national company with many stakeholders and employees, a small local restaurant or retailer, a sole proprietorship, freelance portfolios, real estate agents, everyone and every business needs a website and a way to build their brand. Website design is so crucial because the look, layout and overall concept of the website inevitably becomes the first and lasting impression.

The way someone may dress, act, and hold themselves becomes your initial and lasting takeaway. Do you want to continue getting to know them? Do you want to invest your time becoming part of their lives? It’s the same thing with a business and website. When someone goes to your website for the first time, or if they are in need of a service and yours shows up, the minute they see your site they are getting a first impression. Does your website design clearly illustrate what/who you are as a business and brand? Does it have the right tools to illustrate services/contact info/ store/ menu/ etc., so people can easily understand and find what they need? Your website is your ultimate resource for everyone to get to know who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them. Show off your skills!

Here are a few reasons why website design, not just having any old website, is so vital for your company image and future potential clients and customers and why you should care.

A great website design starts by:

Clearly defining content that your target audience needs. Understand who you are, how you want to be perceived and what people are expecting from you as a business. “One of the main reasons to create a website is to share what your organization is about, who you want to serve and how you’re going to serve them. A clear message and tone, written and visual information related to your organization creates a stronger relationship with our audience and avoids confusion,” (Dopazo, “3 Reasons Why Web Design Is the Domain of Your Entire Company”).

Giving your audience the perfect “road map” to your services/ your brand. A perfect road map is one that is easy to understand, follow and figure out. Do not let your audience get lost on your website by wondering where certain information is hidden, or having them click 5 times to get somewhere. We all know those annoying websites that confuse and frustrate us. By giving your audience the proper map to get where they need to go on your website creates an overall better user experience and your clients and customers will be pleased and impressed. Getting people to go to your website is one thing, getting those same people to stay and come back is another.

Visuals and content together form a recipe. You need to find one that you like and start by gathering the ingredients to make that recipe a success. A Forbes contributing writer explains, “The Holy Grail is found in nesting great content within brilliant design .” (Myatt) You want to make sure your content is superb and your visuals and content flow together in a seamless and consistent way that is true to the rest of your branding. A good website looks great and reads great, just as a good recipe looks great and tastes great. Your website design needs to be a reflection of what you are and goes with the rest of your marketing tools: business cards, ads, flyers, packages, etc.