Live and visual updates are running over the standard text update, how does this affect the social media aspect of your business?

As of right now, nine out of ten American companies use social media platforms for promotional strategies and business related social media usage has grown 191% since 2013. Tweeting has been the primary platform for short and easily comprehensible content to be shared instantly and effectively. 2016 is changing the patterns of how to use social media for your business. The concept of relevant live updates is what makes social media so beneficial and necessary for a business, but there is a current switch in the way we, the audience, prefer to view it.

“Video will become the native advertising platform of choice” –

More businesses are focusing on publishing motion media to their social media platforms as it has become the easiest and most inviting way of promoting content. It is commonly a mix between vocally produced information, eye appealing visuals, and live-stream content. It’s easy to design a visual clip based on the knowledge of your target market and demographic goals. Due to the demand of live updates, it has become necessary for organizations to have their own separate social media “departments” that focus only on planning and publishing social media updates.



Snapchat, for example, has successfully managed to apply the two important factors of visual, and live real-time engagement which has proven to shape a more personal relation to the intended customer. It functions as a live streaming video which gives your audience the opportunity to receive daily updates in a non-energy-consuming manner. Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope are two other applications that use live streaming procedures.

As for Facebook, they have come up with their own version also known as Facebook Live which launched only last Wednesday (04/06/16). The new application competes with Twitter’s Periscope and Snapchats revolutionary video sharing process but starts off with a head start due to its global user base and recognized social media credibility.

Here’s a short video on how Google Live works.

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