Show Up Web Design, Maintains #1 Rankings through 6 months of Google Search Algorithm Changes

Back in January we published a post based on Google’s web design rankings here in Santa Barbara. As expected, we were placed at the top even though Google (at the time) had recently released an algorithm change intended to increase the quality of Google results. It has now been 6 months since the algorithm advancements and we are proud to say that Show Up Web Design is still Santa Barbara’s #1 web design company! Click here and see for yourself!

Show Up GoogleOur success derives from two different factors. (1) Our ability to implement the newest and most necessary characteristics of SEO and web development. WordPress offers it’s users all the required tools to apply a good design with high responsiveness. We use WordPress as our platform to make sure that all of our clients receive the highly amount of Google hits they deserve from using our services. (2) We can build any website no matter what market or industry our client is in. We listen to our clients to understand the vision and goal they have for their website and we use our expertise and experience to shape and mold any website from scratch until it looks and works according to our customers wishes. We do extensive research before publishing  anything on our clients websites to maintain the quality and credibility of our websites. Take a look at our portfolio!

Google very clearly sets the guidelines of the procedures needed for successful online traffic and we use these guidelines to create and maintain the most beautiful and functional websites out there.

Even though we are a web design company having to take technological factors into consideration everyday, we also place the utmost importance on the satisfaction of our customers. We support local Santa Barbara area businesses, as we are one too! We offer SB LOCAL discounts because we feel it is our job to create a community of local businesses who collaborate and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Having a local designer can be the greatest improvement to your current online presence, they know your town, community and competition like no one else could. Not only does Google regard us as Santa Barbara’s best web designer, but so do the wonderful people we work with.

My new website looks amazing! I have been so impressed with the professionalism, care, time and hard work Show Up has given me – Google Review

A talented web designer, who is experienced, and stays ahead of the trend has the ability to make any company’s website attractive no matter what market, industry or product they have to offer. Our personal and friendly relations with customers is based on the understanding and mutual respect for each other and our different businesses. Our success as a company derives from the success of our clients. We engage ourselves full-hearted in every project we’ve ever tackled and we make improvements through every process as we proceed. Contact us today and we will help you Show Up!