Live Video Is Going To Save Twitter

Being one of the first globally used social media platforms, Twitter’s history has in recent years been a roller coaster due to competitors and other platform updates. Starting as a “status update” platform during the rise of social media was a smart move by Twitter. At an early stage they realized that people want live updates with easy access. Other platforms followed their concept, but with additional advancements such as pictures and videos. As of right now, they are in desperate need of a major update to keep up their ten year success story.

Even though Twitter has not emphasized on the more visual aspects of social media, they have survived as a company due to their collaboration with brand advertisements. Companies have turned to Twitter for their own company’s digital exposure. Unfortunately their method of advertisement is coming to a stop because of the growth and development of other social media platforms.

Brand advertisers have been Twitter’s bread and butter for years, to hear the company say that it’s struggling to increase revenue from these types of companies is a concern. – Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst for eMarketer

As of March 2016, the New York Times reported Twitter’s stock to have “plunged about 65 percent”. This places a high amount of insecurity for the Twitter as investors decreased the company’s shares over 12 percent in extended trading.

How do they plan to save Twitter?

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter  He recently claimed that he is intending to improve Twitter in the near future and bring back its expertise on live events, only this time they are changing it up from status updates to live video check ins along with the rising trend of live digital video updates. He’s hoping to bring back the interest of advertisers to be part of their platform.

Santa Barbara Show Up

Twitter hasn’t in any way failed, but they have been in the shadows of other new social media platforms for quite some time now and it is crucial for them to find a new success plan to continue their growth as an organization. With rumors of Twitter aiming to go from B2C to B2B, the Show Up Blog will keep you updated to inform you of how their new applications can benefit your business.

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