How To Use Social Media To Your Best Advantage

Social media is more important than ever when it comes to connecting with your clients, building a following, and communicating your company’s brand to the the world. No other platform today is as effective as social media- when used correctly. That being said, it’s hard to know what to do as a business when marketing your product or service. There are many different tips of the trade, and hiring someone to help with your social media can be essential. However, when making that choice or starting from scratch, there are a few keys things to remember, and to avoid, if you want to be successful.

1.  The Majority of Your Content Should Not Be Promotional

This is essential. People are not interested in accounts that spend most of their time talking about their product or service and less time posting real, compelling content. People are interested in the person or the mission behind the company, and want to follow businesses that provide useful, aesthetically pleasing or entertaining material. That usually has little to do with their services or product. Find out what your client base is following, talking about or responding to and then:

2. Find a Focus

Don’t try to be everything, and anything. Have a clear focus that aligns with your business and your clientele. As stated earlier, yes your content shouldn’t be simply promoting your business, but it shouldn’t be all over the place either. What your ideal clientele is interested in online should resonate with your brand and your image. Everything you post should create a clear and cohesive idea of who you are, and your brand. The aesthetic of your social media accounts should also have a similar vibe to your website and other marketing materials. Don’t try to post about every new trend or interest the online community has- your business isn’t meant to do everything for everyone, and your online profile shouldn’t either.

3. Be Consistent

Google rewards businesses that are constantly creating and producing fresh content, which is why blogs are often so important for a business. This goes along with your social media. Keep your account updated, clean, and engaging in order to ensure that your followers will keep coming back for more. If you start out posting frequently and then let that fizzle out, so will your following and your clients’ interest.

4. Don’t Forget to Personally Connect

With more innovative social media programs and software than ever, it’s become increasingly easy to utilize robots to manage your accounts. However, this will only get you so far. They won’t interact with your clients, or know what content your community would want. These automated programs should only be used as an additional helpful tool, not your primary source of connection and marketing. As a business, you can’t forget to personally connect with your clients and respond to them directly if you want to keep your clients and a strong online following. Follow back, interact with clients messaging you, and repost your clients content. Spend time finding and engaging with profiles that have a strong online presence. You want your followers to be sharing and promoting your content, and you should be doing the same with them.