Websites are penalized for unorganized design and content, here’s how to avoid five simple website mistakes.

Your company’s website is the main platform to gain exposure for your service, it is your first impression of your business and a vital factor in order to increase the chances of a gaining and retaining long-term customers and clients.  Here at Show Up Web Design, we specialize and provide expertise to make your website not only gorgeous, modern, clean, consistent industry-specific, and optimized, but we also take into consideration the marketing aspects of your business, SEO, and content to ensure your best interests are being met. We find it important to share several common mistakes we’ve noticed when businesses launch a website or redesign (and avoided in our practice) that cutback the value of your website.

These are the five most common website mistakes:

  1. Hire someone that is familiar with all aspects of web design: We see an occurring pattern of websites being built up by different agencies that focus on different segments of your website. This can disrupt the functional flow of your website and cause disorganization. A fully competent web designer will understand that all of these factors are needed under one umbrella, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to development and design and you don’t need to hire three different creative agencies. An all-around and comprehensive agency, such as ourselves, should be familiar with areas such as:
    1. responsive-devicesSocial Media
    2. SEO
    3. Marketing
    4. Web Design & Development
    5. Hosting plans and business email
    6. Content Creation
    7. Editorial Perfection
    8. Multimedia Importance
  2. Don’t forget about your blog: Don’t forget or de-emphasize your blog. More importantly, don’t make it a separate url, it is vital to include your blog in your initial website. It is a very important aspect of your website seeing that it is the page that most likely creates the most frequent updates. Your blog should also establish a continuous flow of related topics that tie into each other and provide exposure through your own website.
  3. Your mobile website is equally important: The mobile cell phone recently surpassed the traditional laptop as the primary platform for internet users. With that said, your organization is more likely to experience its first customer interaction through the form of a mobile website instead of a computer website. As of April 21, Google will be launching their new algorithm changes for mobile websites which is a major game changer in in the digital business world. Read more about the updates on our blog and shape up your website if you haven’t!
  4. Make sure your website is easy to navigate: Far too many companies websites are filled with unnecessary content and useless information. You want to maintain that your website simple and easy. A website bombarded with ads and commercials creates distraction from your actual concept. You have to find the proper balance and strategic placement for ads if you venture into advertising on your website. You want as much necessary information as possible on your website, and you want it separated but easy to find. If someone goes to your website, and can;t find what they are looking for within a few seconds and 1-2 clicks, they will leave your website and not return. Keep it simple, clean and to the point.
  5. Find a designer that knows the need of your industry: Make sure your web designer understands the industry along with the needs and goals of your website. We work with all different kinds of websites such as fitness, real estaterestaurants, lifestyle blogs, non-profits, universities and many more. Every time we create or update our clients website, we do extensive research of their industry and their key needs and goals in order to produce our clients content without any credible hesitation. As of right now, it is your website that is going to be your first impression so the visual appearance and credibility go hand-in-hand as they reflect your brand and core values.

Show Up

Disregarding the importance of a fully responsive and optimized mobile website design will significantly impact the success your business in the future and it is our goal to reduce the lack of non-responsive online content. Our services avoid all of the different faults mentioned in the information above and we assist your online presence through most modern modern appliances that is very vital to the online success of your business. Now that you know the 5 common mistakes not to make, check out our list of 7 tips for optimum website success! We will exhibit your online presence with the same passion we expose ourselves. Contact us and we will make your online business even more inviting!