WordPress Users Rewarded By Google. Here’s Why.

No one is surprised over the fact that that Google is the largest search engine on the internet, but why is WordPress so beneficial regarding Google hits? There are several different factors that tie into the relationship between Google and WordPress. This is why and how their collaboration works and the reason we choose to (successfully) use WordPress here at Show Up Web Design.

“WordPress solves some 80-90% of mechanics of SEO and is the first big step anyone can take towards creating a popular online business” – Matt Cutts, lead of Google’s web spam team.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is better for SEO because it is mechanically set up to already have it built in, unlike other CMS’. A common mistake is to take your SEO for granted ones you use WordPress as if it were to process itself. That is not the case, but WordPress gives it’s users a very simple and easy platform where SEO strategies can be applied to make every aspect of your website attractive to consumers and Google.  SEO is so important for successful websites, and Google initially determines what SEO strategies and patterns are most effective. WordPress is designed in a way to fulfill the different factors needed in order to receive the best possible exposure on Google. As of right now, WordPress provides the web with approximately 60 million websites which represents 25% of the entire web.

What does Google like:

  • Google likes newly published content and rates it higher than older content.
  • Websites that often add new pages.
  • Frequent changes and updates on your website.
  • Distinguishing varieties of content.
  • Mobile-friendly, optimized websites that are easy to navigate.
  • Sites that include multimedia content.
  • Sites that link to other high quality sources/sites that benefit the reader/consumer.

How WordPress has adapted to Google’s requirements:

  • Fast and easy usage; it is not harder than sending emails or using a Google doc, content is simply published through your computer or mobile phone.
  • Google likes fresh frequently published content and WordPress is perfect for frequent and blogging on a daily basis.
  • WordPress themes and themes made for WordPress offer various posting formats to include multimedia content (increasingly important).
  • The different WordPress SEO plugins increase the online exposure and all online exposures end up on Google.

Not only is WordPress impactful on blogs of different proportions, but it is used by several major websites such as Facebook, eBay, NASA, and CNN. These companies have the choice to use any content management system (CMS) there is, but they choose WordPress because it is the best SEO tool. Apart from exposing the updated and relevant content, it also reduces and eliminates unsubstantial and useless content from the high rankings.

If you manage to use WordPress correctly there is no reason for your website not being on top, and  that is where we come into the picture. At Show Up Web Design, we tailor every website according to the wishes of our clients, with their best business interests in mind (SEO). We consider WordPress very near and dear to our hearts, we believe it is truly the best CMS out there for a vast variety of reasons and our clients agree, as we specialize and emphasize on the importance of this SEO impact. We design your website using the most beautiful and appealing design strategy, but more importantly, we guarantee that it gets the deserved exposure.