3 Approaches to Showing Up Locally and in Search

Most business owners these days know just how important it is to have an effective website, but when it comes to deciding who to hire to help, the search can seem overwhelming. There are more design firms than ever promising the ability to generate optimum online traffic, but how do you know who can deliver, and what companies are a scam? Here at Show Up we talk often about our #1 ranking, because we know that that ranking is proof for what we can do for our clients. If an SEO firm doesn’t know how to earn a high ranking, then they won’t know how to do the same for you.

SEO ranking determines how your site shows up. The higher the ranking, the higher it is on google, and the better chance potential customers will be led to your page. As a business, you need to be at the top to compete, and you need a firm that knows how to get you there.

Building a quality website doesn’t just take time, but it’s also a financial investment, so when choosing who to do the job, you need to be certain that that investment is a lucrative one. To ensure this, here are some things you need to look out for:

1. Make Sure They Understand Your Company, and Your Customers

The biggest danger in going with an outsourced firm, is the fact they won’t understand your company, your client base, or your goals. It’s important that your firm is invested in your company, and genuinely interested and knowledgeable about your goals and values. To generate site traffic and give the most effective advice on content, they have to understand what your customers want and will respond to.

2. Use Their Clients and Their Rankings as References

Talk to their current clients, or past clients and see what they were able to accomplish for them. Are they satisfied, did they get what they wanted? This goes hand in hand with how successful the SEO firms company is as well. Again, there’s no better proof of what they can do for you than in their rankings.

3. Understand Local SEO- and the future of SEO

SEO is always changing, and your firm needs to be on top of that. Currently, there’s a lot of talk about Local SEO, and that’s great news for local and small businesses. This strategy focuses on marketing your business for your community, instead of just for your service or product. Utilizing local SEO means less competition, and higher rankings. Here in Santa Barbara, there’s a very strong local community, and people gravitate towards local businesses because of that. SEO is all about the design of your website, so having a local designer that understands your community as well, is immensely helpful. Understanding local SEO means it’s essential your firm understands your location as much as your product.