How to Add Your Business to Google Maps.

Google’s listings and search rankings are fluid, as are googles products and the names of google products. As the internet evolves, so does google. Therefore, even if you do everything right, google has the right to remove your business listing, change the ranking or have your listing show up.

Google maps is now known as google places, google wants the user to make a google for business page to add a listing to google places (google maps), sounds confusing but it actually makes sense.

The best way to have your google places listing show up is a comprehensive presence online including a both a fully built website and well ranking website. A fully built google places page and google listing.

Two simple steps from google are:

I.  Add or claim your business

To add your business information to Google, you’ll need to create a local Google+ page (or get access to one if it already exists).

II.  Verify your business

We’ll ask you to verify it to make sure the information we have is accurate. You may see one or several types of verification depending on the type of business you manage

Verify a local business on Google

Steps to Get Your Business to Show Up in the Google Map

  1. Visit and search for your business.
  2. Select your business or create a new listing.
  3. Choose the type of page that is relevant to your business.
  4. Fill in all your location details accurately.
  5. Now that Google knows where you are, tell them who you are by filling in as much detail about your business as possible.
  6. There are numerous areas to provide information about your business throughout your Google Business Page profile.
  7. Get involved. Unlike a Yellow Pages ad, a Google Business Page is a constantly evolving platform. Ask happy customers for reviews and review others.

Now that you have your Google for Business, places listing, you need to be certain that your listing is showing up on the first page of the Google Search results for your relevant keywords or business name. Your google places listing works the same as your organic ranking it will show up on google’s time not yours.

If you want help setting up your own Google Places listing or need help with local seo/local web design and getting it highly ranked.