The Top 5 Trending Updates this Week

Show Up Web Design wants to bring the most relevant and informative news from our industry to you! We are officially launching our new weekly franchise piece, “Show Up’s Weekly Tech Roundup,” which will feature the top 5 most relevant tech updates to inform you on the current changing patterns of the tech world.  It will highlight and include important info about changes within Google, it’s algorithms, as well as new marketing trends, brand management tips, and of course the latest design tools. All of these things play a crucial role for SEO and web design and we want to make sure your online business stays ahead of the curve!

You deserve the most recent news for the benefit of your business every week. We want to keep you informed on the most relevant groundbreaking rules so you can make sure to apply these changing patterns to your business to stay current and updated. We hope you enjoy the first edition of our first franchise piece, and make sure to stay tuned every Friday for your tech roundup!

Top five things that happened in the internet world this week!

Santa Barbara's Snapchat geo-filter.

Santa Barbara’s Snapchat geo-filter.

  1. Video is a must!                                                  Snapchat and Quora are continuously mentioned as two trending social media platforms that could do wonders for your business. Snapchat have expanded their opportunities for business promotions through a function called geo-filters. Using these geo-filters, companies can apply their logos along with a text in a specified area to promote brand awareness while presenting their live video updates. In addition to that, try to implement 2-6 minute “Youtube clips” or company teasers to blog posts and new updates.


  1. Every company needs a blog!

Your website is, in a sense, being graded by search engines. Google is undoubtedly the largest and most impactful search tool and the progress of your website is determined by how you adapt your website to their proposed guidelines; blogging is one of them. Seeing that most themes already have an included blog function, wordpress supplies its users with all the necessary SEO appliances in a very cost-effective manner to benefit your possibilities for more online success.

  1. Phone users increasing while laptop users declining.

Last month we blogged about the mobile phone surpassing the laptop as the primary internet device. We proudly announce that the cell phone remains on top of the food chain which emphasizes the importance of creating or updating your mobile optimized website. Google is sure of the fact that those who do not apply mobile-friendly websites to their digital media will experience challenges, and in a sense be “penalized” through their non responsiveness to mobile medias. There are many steps on how to effectively design your mobile friendly website, you can find your first step here.

“Although desktop is relatively flat in total engagement, it is losing share to mobile — which now accounts for 65 percent of digital media time spent” – ComScore

  1. Google Fiber changes and adjustments.

Google Fiber is a recent project of theirs, this time they want to change the concept of television channels (now commonly more known as apps) and movie streaming. The big catch with Google Fiber was that there would only be a one-time fee during the purchase to take part of their new haven of tv material. The initial “free” plan was a $300 purchase and installation fee without additional costs with a 7 year guarantee. Their change is that they have now added a new “month to month” option with different packages including $70 or $130 with additional supplements to enhance your digital entertainment experience.

  1. Facebook news feed change to emphasize “meaningful” posts

The visual changes of Facebook’s newsfeed doesn’t surprise anyone any more, but their next change aims to eliminate unnecessary content and prioritize the good stuff. They are working on improving user’s news feed experience through surveys to figure out, not what people click on because they already know that, but what clicks are actually worth browsing. Their results will be used for algorithmic changes intended to increase the credible and necessary content featured on Facebook. This application gives us all another reason to stay updated on the things that are relevant to ourselves, our clients, and our surrounding community.

We hope that our tips has given you the necessary insight on what’s happening in the world of technology. As we are Santa Barbara’s #1 web design company we have the perfect plans and packages for your website that will attributes to the well being of the digital aspect of your business. In order to show of your website, it has to Show Up. Contact us and we’ll work with you and your visions to make it happen today!