Show Up Media & Pure Order Brewery presents: Lessons From The Brewmaster

showupbannerAs we announced last month, the design team at Show Up Web Design have established an extension that we we call Show Up Media. Through this advancement, we have broadened our “Show Up services and added every aspect of digital media and online marketing.

Pure Order Brewing Company. is well-known for being Santa Barbara’s best brewery for their unconditional love for Santa Barbara and the art of brewing local high quality beer. One of our most recent projects features Pure Order’s brewmaster James Burge in weekly episodes while he shares his passion and knowledge for brewing the best beer in Santa Barbara.

These episodes gradually take you through every single step and process there to successfully operating a local Santa Barbara brewery. James will be covering everything there is to know from “how to pour a bottle of beer” to “how to take care of your growler”. We will be releasing videos on a weekly basis right in time for every weekend.

Their quality and dedication to the Reinheitsgebot way is something that separates Pure Order Brewery from other breweries, but not to mention the local entertainment, variety of activities, and dedicated regulars that make it all worth it – James Burge

We love working with local companies and organizations here in Santa Barbara. We are here to assist our fellow local business to promote and advertise their unique brands and products in a personally modified and modern manner. If you want similar media features for your company, contact Show Up today and we will help you create online magic for your business!