Update: 2/15/2016 – We continue to hold our top ranking in holding one of the top 3 rankings positions after the additional algorithm updates.  

tool_KeywordA few months ago we wrote an article Prove Your Rankings in which we showed off  many of our number one rankings in Google search results. Today we are announcing more #1 rankings, particularly and most importantly, we rank very high for “web design,” “Santa Barbara web design” and “web design Santa Barbara.” When you are a web designer and SEO firm holding these top rankings means you need to compete with the other web designers and rank high for Googles over 200+ ranking factors.

In the beginning of this year Google released a big shakeup in the website ranking world. Around January 9th 2016 Google changed its core algorithm (how Google ranks sites), our internal tracking tools detected historically-large rankings movement to this algorithm. Google rarely confirms or denies changes to rankings but John Mueller who is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. Tweeted: “It’s not penguin; not ‘confirmed-ish’ just ‘confirmed’.”

Full article here: Read Here

Our Rankings for “Web Design”

This is a screen grab taken 1/9/2015 showing we are on the and ranking #1 in the traditional search results for “web design.

#1 Ranking_HighlightGoogle knows we’re a web design company because our clients link back to us in the footer – Google can see the high quality of our clients websites, as a result Google wants to see more websites like the ones we created and as a result moved us to #1 for “web design”  so potential web design customers in the Santa Barbara community use us over other web designers.

Please be aware that Google constantly changes it rankings and Google rankings are a ebb and a flow and change all the time. Most of Show Up Web Designs rankings are geo targeted to the Santa Barbara area and past performance cannot predict future results.