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Web Design

We are a Santa Barbara web design & re-design firm, we serve small to medium local businesses. Development of web branding and concept. Creation of your ultimate resource, your website and web presence. Redesign & site migration for a new updated site. Please check out the projects page for a portfolio of recent recent works. Contact Show Up if your local business, company, restaurant needs a website, a new website or if you are an individual who is looking for web development for an online resume, portfolio showcase site.

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Web Design for SEO

Our web designs are SEO optimized, the core features of your website must be optimized for Google, we specialize in making websites that “show up” other services we offer is writing for SEO, your website must be built well and content on your site must be written in a way the search engines can understand.

Web Development

We can create, build out and develop custom web designs. We work with WordPress, installing, integrating and developing WordPress plugins for your website is part of the services we offer.


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Graphic Designs

Graphic design is a digital art form, graphic, logo and custom image design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and color.

Design Branding

We design your website to encompass your brand, we are web designers who understand that your logo concept and design themes must describe your brand & brand identity. Our visual designs will help you reach your target audience and the general community at large. Be known here in Santa Barbara, or become even more popular and known today.