How Can Show Up Web Design Help you?

Are you a new or established business in Santa Barbara? A growing start-up who needs a website, or help with an existing website? Are you a professional or freelancer that is in need of an online portfolio? Does tackling your social media seem overwhelming? You know your clients and community, so let’s target your audience together and make your web presence reflect you and your goals. Here at Show Up Web Design we’ve maintained our #1 rankings by truly understanding this market, and by being able to ensure your business is successful online, no matter your field.

Startups & Local Businesses:

You’re already busy running and getting your business of the ground, and the last thing you need standing in your way is your website and social media. These two things are essential however for exposure, marketing and therefore your success. We know exactly what you need to do to rank high enough on google to be seen, and how best to reach your clientele. As a local firm, we understand the Santa Barbara community which means we can better help you rank, reach, and resonate with your community more than any big or outsourced firm. You know your business, but we know your audience and that’s essential for a strong and effective web presence.

Wedding Industry:

Are you planning a wedding? Are you a wedding photographer looking to showcase your portfolio and get new client leads? We’re experts in wedding websites and graphics, and know the best templates to showcase your big day, and your photos. We can also help you customize your save the dates, invites, and any other finishing touches.


If you’re a freelancer (writer, blogger, musician, artist, etc.) you know just how essential your online presence is, as it acts as your resume. You need a killer website, and logo to market yourself and we can help you with that. We can design something that reflects your personality and talent so you can successfully brand yourself, and reach your target audience.


Are you an accountant, doctor, lawyer, or real estate agent or broker in the Santa Barbara area? We work with many professional firms and real estate agents. We understand that you need a website that is easy for your clients to navigate and includes the pages and resources your clients require. We can also help you setup your google business, places and local account so you are sure to show up in local search and more, which is especially crucial for mobile and click to call as the mobile user market is currently larger than the laptop/desktop user market. As of right now in the United States, the mobile digital media users recently passed the amount of laptop users as their primary internet source.  Make sure your company’s website is mobile friendly and easy to use.


Are you trying to sell your products online and broaden your clientele reach? No problem. We can easily integrate e-commerce solutions into your new or existing website, no matter how big or small. From real products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content and even your time, you’ll be able to set up a WooCommerce store to sell worldwide (or by country, as you wish) or help you integrate a Square or amazon store.


We love to eat and drink in this town, so differentiating your business above the rest can be tricky. We specialize in helping existing restaurants/bars refresh their image and reach a much broader audience. Does your website offer online reservations? Event bookings? It is mobile friendly? Are your hours and is your menu updated? You want your restaurant to stand out to locals and tourists alike and easy navigation and clarity is essential for that. We can help your website and social media feel like the client is walking in the door from the moment they load your page.

Social Media Refresher/Promotions:

You might already love your website, and have all your social media accounts set up. But you might be struggling with creating quality content and reaching your audience to promote and highlight your business and events. As experts in the field and SEO, we can help broaden your reach and increase your ranking by assisting in quality content creation and posting.


Contact us today to take the next step in making your business the best it can be!