Why your mobile website must be responsive

Did you know that the mobile user market is currently larger than the laptop user market? As of right now in the United States, the mobile digital media users recently passed the amount of laptop users as their primary internet source. The current statistics show that 51% use mobile phones as their primary internet user while laptops are used by 42%.  We are experiencing a historical technological shift. The computer, more specifically the laptop, has for two decades been our primary gateway to the internet. Only a year ago, there were twice as many desktop-only users compared to mobile-only users. There has been a significant decrease in laptop-only users going from 19.1% to 10.6% in the past 12 months. Your mobile phone gives you access to the same functions as a laptop, but is unnoticeably carried around and used with ease.
Having a website requires constant care and updating, it is a crucial factor in order to compete in today’s digital aspect of business. This means that the adaption to mobile friendly websites will play a heavy role in the future development and success of companies and organizations. Google will be ranking mobile-friendliness as of April 21, 2016. They stated that, “It is very important for any business owner with a website to respond accordingly“. Google is sure of the fact that those who do not apply mobile-friendly websites to their digital media will experience challenges, and in a sense be “penalized” through their non responsiveness to mobile medias. There are many steps on how to effectively design your mobile friendly website, you can find your first step here.

Mobile internet usage

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