Another Reason to Keep Choosing WordPress as your CMS

At the end of February, WordPress released its latest version, WordPress 5.1, named “Betty.” On the official release post, WordPress points out they are “A Little Better Every Day.”

This is the main reason Show Up Web Design primarily uses WordPress for clients websites. WordPress is a far superior content management system and we pride ourselves on being Santa Barbara’s #1 WordPress Design Firm. Not only does Google love WordPress and actually rewards websites that use WordPress as their CMS, WordPress offers custom functionality and a wide networks of of tools and support, “Similar products that offer turn-key solutions like WIX or Shopify have rigid designs, limited customization and lack the ability to grow with your business.” (Moduet)

The latest version features, Site Health, new developer tools, editor improvements and more. Some of the exciting key features include:

Site Health: Security and speed. WordPress now alerts administrators that run outdated versions of PHP, which may have potential speed and security issues. As Venture Beat explains, “When you’re installing a new plugin, for example, Site Health will check it against your version of PHP and stop the installation if the plugin requires a version that won’t work with your site.”

Editor Improvements: As WordPress explains, “Introduced in WordPress 5.0, the new block editor continues to improve. Most significantly, WordPress 5.1 includes solid performance improvements within the editor. The editor should feel a little quicker to start, and typing should feel smoother.”

Developers will also be happy with the latest developer tools:

Multisite Metadata

5.1 introduces a new database table to store metadata associated with sites and allows for the storage of arbitrary site data relevant in a multisite / network context.

Cron API

The Cron API has been updated with new functions to assist with returning data and includes new filters for modifying cron storage. Other changes in behavior affect cron spawning on servers running FastCGI and PHP-FPM versions 7.0.16 and above.

New JS Build Processes

WordPress 5.1 features a new JavaScript build option, following the large reorganisation of code that started in the 5.0 release.

It’s true. WordPress really does get a little better each day and we appreciate that! It’s nice to meet you Betty.

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The Show Up Team