Communication Is Key; Improve Your Customer’s Access To You!

We have mentioned a lot in our previous blog posts regarding new releases taking place in May. It is the beginning of Summer 2016 and we have several new releases from Google and partners that will change the way we practice our business. Check in and check it out!

Bots are the new messengers:

Facebook’s F8 conference which took place during end of April 2016 revealed a new game changing concept of digital communication. Several successful websites apply a user friendly chat window on their website in order to give their visitors the opportunity to instant communication. Last week we published an article explaining how “click to call” is the new “contact us” which is similar to this but instead it could be referred to as the “like us on Facebook” will be replaced with “chat with us on messenger”. Watch the their promotion video here!

The Messenger Bot Platform was announced that allows Messenger users to create Chat Bots that give an instant response directly in the messenger chat window – John Rampton,

“Voice Search” is slowly taking over:

Apple’s introduction of Siri engaged us human in a new practice that has doubled among youth and adults within the past year; speaking to our device. With the current rapid growth of voice searches, marketing analysts and experts are taking the changing pattern into deep consideration for further marketing strategies. Not only is the way we communicate with our device changing, but how the device interprets commands. When applying text searches, users tend to only use the keywords of their search. Voice searches are spoken in a more natural manner, as if the human we’re talking to another actual human. Therefor entrepreneurs are seeking to design more complex search engines that can understand the entire human language.

Good or bad, always respond to your reviews:

Good Reviews: Leave a simple thank you note to show that you have read and appreciated their review. An online conversation will build a more personal relation between you and your customer while it proves your professionalism and sense of service mindfulness. Let your reviews tell your story for those who have not been part of it yet!

Bad Reviews: Don’t leave the bad reviews empty, admit your faults (depending on how relevant the review is). Don’t instantly defend yourself. See it as an opportunity for improvement and, once again, thank them for their review. Illustrate yourself as an organization run by mature and understanding individuals to maintain the successful image of your business.

Google’s second mobile algorithm update released:

Back in March we blogged about Google’s Second Mobilegeddon that was going to take place in May, well it just happened. Eight days ago Google activated their latest algorithm to improve mobile optimized websites. This is only Google’s second update on mobile websites, they will be updated at a rate that will be hard to keep up with unless you adapt your strategies to their guidelines today. Don’t wait any longer, improve your mobile website today!

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