The Most Important Tech Updates of May 2016!

As we’re gradually moving through May, we have several new updates and changes that will have a future impact on your digital business. This week we have exciting news from the three biggest bosses in the tech industry; Google, Facebook and Apple.

Google’s Right Side Ad Policy Turns Out Beneficial

Google removed their right side ads from their search engine result page back in February 2016. Their strategical change turns out to be a success move for both Google itself and Google users. It’s been more than two months since ads vanished on the right side of the screen and the results prove to be great in the sense that there are fewer, but more relevant ads. This change is similar to the Facebook news feed update that aims to decrease the amount of news food posts and increase the content quality of posts. There is an occurring pattern of digital companies that are engaging in “quality clean ups” with new algorithm changes that will prioritize the important and more qualified content.

“Because there are now fewer ad positions, there is less clutter and consumers are clicking on ads with a higher propensity. They are more prone to click.” – Sid Shah, web analytics/digital strategy at Adobe.

Facebook’s Impact On The Presidential Election

In last week’s tech update we mentioned Facebook most recent algorithm tweak to improve the news feed experience by emphasizing on the exposure of posts that people spend more time on, proving them to be interesting posts. Due to the impact Facebook’s news feed have on us today, experts say that Facebook can affect our mind to the extent that it can be programmed to be happy or sad. With that said, how will the Facebook’s news feed impact the upcoming presidential elections?  Facebook, being one of the largest corporations in the world, is not only a software, it is a business. A business that contains employees, clients, offices, and most importantly; stakeholders with Wall Street analyst expectations. With Trump sponsoring his own presidential campaign without any external influences. Facebook could technically tweak their news feed algorithm to support or “protest” against the self-reliant candidate without getting in trouble with Facebook’s stakeholders. More exciting Facebook updates coming up this month!

Tech Development

Apple’s App Store Malfunction

On May 5th, Apple’s app store was reported broken due to irrelevant search results. Tech Crunch publisher Sarah Perez claims that several app store users have experienced similar difficulties while using the app store search engine. App store rarely has any problems or bugs, could this be a result of yet another ongoing algorithm change? Very often when websites malfunction, it is the result of an update or change of algorithm. One minor fault could easily disturb the rest of the system. The app store is currently working fine and this was only a small temporary glitch.Is Apple also applying new algorithm changes to follow the trend of quality increased search results? We’ll find out soon enough.

Build and assist web sites is our initial area of expertise here at Show Up Web Design, but it is important to stay updates on all the other technological changes going on around you. As the #1 web design company in Santa Barbara, we feel it is our responsibility to share these changes with you. Next tech update coming out next week!