3 Steps for Successful Mobile SEO!

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard us promote the importance of mobile optimized websites. Now that you’ve hopefully taken our guidelines into consideration, there are several more in-depth factors we want point out regarding your SEO strategies for mobile users specifically.

1. How to optimize your mobile website:

For you mobile website, Google recommends you to use their “responsive web design” configuration. Inform Google about your mobile website, this way Google will have an easier time showing your content on mobile search results. Read more specifically about Google’s guidelines here!

Responsive web design: Serves the same HTML code on the same URL regardless of the user’s device, but can render the display differently based on the screen size. Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern – Google

2. How is mobile and laptop SEO different?

Page Speed: Users are going to checking your mobile site on the run. The millisecond difference will matter, if the page doesn’t pop up instantly, you have most likely lost a website visitor. Optimize your images, code reduction and reduce your redirects to improve the speed of your pages.

Website Design: Mobile screens are small. There is no space for ads, pop-ups or unnecessary content in general. Ask yourself what the user will be looking for when entering your website. Make sure it is easy to “click”, adapt your touch-screen functions to big hands. Even though the screen might be small, make sure it is easy to navigate through.

Website Structure: Due to the small screen, there is less content to show and fewer keywords to apply. Keep your titles and headings consistent and direct while making sure to use the most effective keywords to make sure your highest quality content shows up in your SERPS.

3. Social Media and SEO go hand in hand:

Santa Barbara Web designers phoneSocial media gives you the ability to share your brand in a friendly and social manner along with fresh content to promote and explain the benefits of your product or service. Not only are mobile websites the people’s primary choice of internet platform, but social media engagement is most likely to happen through your mobile device. Your social media practices will most importantly show that you are present, updated and within reach. Show your brand along with keywords and links on a daily basis. You can reply to comments and complaints that can turn around the dissatisfied customer. Your social media strategy will do wonders for your SEO results and ultimately your company!

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