Santa Barbara #1 Web Designer: The World is Changing and so is SEO

The summer of 2016 is officially here and as we carefully roll into June there are several useful trends, updates and changes that the design team here at Show Up feel is valuable for our beloved clients and our much appreciated followers. Here is what’s new!

How is SEO Changing?

The updates of SEO always tie into simplifying and enhancing the browsing experience, primarily aiming to bring qualitative content to the audience attention. Keywords have always been the determining factor of how successful your SEO strategies are. SEO has a very strong local impact on search results, the weakness behind this method is different search results from different areas despite searching for the same key words. The largest currently occurring mistake within SEO procedures is focusing too much on online traffic without balancing it with the relevance of your content aimed towards your target market. This is also known as black hat SEO. Your content needs to make sense with the hyperlinks and headings that you choose to use. Not only should you focus on strategies like keywords, linking etc but they should be relevant to your audience. Your audience wants and deserves quality content that is both informational and engaging. This would known as white hat SEO.

Specified Location Keywords:

If you are looking to only reach a local and nearby crowd, keywords will promote your business with excellence as long as you guide your SEO (keywords) towards that specific location. Even though we also have  the clients outside of the Santa Barbara areas, Show Up Web Design are Santa Barbara’s #1 Google ranked web design company. The reason for our well deserved Google ranking is due to our devotion towards our community and clientele. Every post we write and put together we make sure to use headers, hyperlinks and keywords that help us reach the people and organizations within our surrounding community. If you are having a hard time  implementing your SEO strategies, start by aiming local, with the use of Google places and geo targeting.

Google’s New Search Console: Property Sets

After a long wait it has finally arrived! Google will now let you group different pages together for search analytics, initially focusing on the collaboration between your own pages. Rather than having to separately acknowledge the clicks and visitors for every page, it views your website and apps as a whole and gives you more concrete and easily understood results. You can read more about their guidelines here!

Mobile app, mobile website, desktop website — how do you track their combined visibility in search? Until now, you’ve had to track all of these statistics separately. Search Console is introducing the concept of “property sets,” which let you combine multiple properties (both apps and sites) into a single group to monitor the overall clicks and impressions in search within a single report – Google

Is Your Mobile Website Fast Enough?

We’ve mentioned the importance of mobile optimized websites several times the last couple of months. Google will soon be releasing a new game changer that will impact your online traffic which aims to improve the speed of your mobile websites. Google is in the near future (they haven’t released any dates yet) releasing a new landing page will give you results derived from three different factors; (1) mobile friendliness, (2) mobile speed, and (3) desktop speed. In addition, rather than ranking your websites as friendly or non-friendly, they are going to “grade” your web site effectiveness between 1-100. These results will be received on a regular basis from Google.

Every week we release blog posts, which we call “tech updates”, focusing on the technological updates and advancements that are associated with any aspect of web design. We primarily aim to increase the understanding for the necessary tools needed in order to increase your online traffic while placing large importance on visual appearance and browsing experience. We carefully scan Google, WordPress, Apple and many other large tech corporations, along smaller organizations, that frequently and continuously drop exciting news that are relevant for anyone using the internet. We are experts within the field of ecommerce, social media, web development and SEO strategies. Contact us for more info!