This new mobile algorithm change will determine your companies future viral success.

Six crucial guidelines you need to know ASAP:

Our previously published blog post focused on the importance of why your company’s mobile website needs to be responsive due to the changing habits of internet users. This week we hope to increase your understanding for the continuing growth of mobile websites and how their changing algorithm will impact your business if you do not stay updated. These changes will take place by May of this year, and will create a domino effect of unexposed mobile content if companies don’t apply the new changes to their online procedures.

These are our six guidelines to help you stay aware of the ongoing changes:

  1. Rapid changes: Not only are we in the stage of mobile related algorithm changes and new SEO patterns, but the changes of Algorithm will be changing more rapidly in the future, there for SEO patterns will constantly be changing and needs constant care in order to maintain its functionality and success.
  1. “Mobilegeddon”: Google launched a project last year in April that they named “Mobilegeddon”. It is intended to rank mobile websites with a new search algorithm. For those companies that have not prioritized mobile website, they can use it as a mobile friend test tool along with the increasing importance of updated mobile websites.
  1. T-Mobile: Recently created “Binge On” which allows the user to see any form of TV, Play Movies, or YouTube clips without impacting or increasing the monthly data restrictions. These changes are the result of improved algorithmics in the mobile phone industry. Your cell phone’s potentials and capabilities are growing with the changing algorithms and fulfill the same function as your laptop with this new video compression technology. This doesn’t necessarily impact the importance of mobile websites, but it proves the changing rate of mobile functions and foreshadows the coming changes that your website needs to implement.

Binge On

“As of today, Binge On service provider partners represent about 70 percent of all the video content viewed by customers on mobile devices every month” – T-Mobile

  1. Technological updates determine your business: Even though the increase of mobile website exposure might sound like a milder update in the tech world, it will have a heavy impact on companies which websites aren’t mobile compatible. With the increasing rate of algorithm changes, it will create a domino effect of unpracticed SEO patterns. The changes will take place in the beginning of May, therefore it is not too late to update and optimize your mobile website, but you need to start ASAP. Contact us today to ensure your mobile-friendly success!
  1. Store your data: Algorithms requires data in order to make valid decisions. In addition, secure the credibility of your data sources; irrelevant data will not benefit your SEO results.
  1. Penalization from Google: After this algorithm change, sites will be penalized faster for bad practices, and the search results will be better and cleaner than ever. The black hat tests will likely have positive results on the SEO community, giving us a greater understanding of the algorithms. If your site still isn’t optimized this time, “Mobilegeddon 2” will certainly make it nearly impossible to keep ranking high in search results within your industry. Google will be focused on rewarding the sites that are properly optimized for mobile internet usage and penalizing those who don’t in an even greater way. Let us help you today and help you get rewarded, not penalized!

Here’s what you can do if you need a new website or a redesign:

Don’t let “Mobilegeddon 2” scare you or worry you, just contact Show Up Web Design today and let us help you implement the updates that are needed. We build beautiful, optimized sites with SEO and your best interests in mind, always. Our success is the success of your website, that’s why we want to share our knowledge and assist you to prepare you company for more future success. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call us today to speak with one of our lead designers.