Google’s “Click To Call” Is The New “Contact Us”

Google Phone Number

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Last month we published a blog post intended to illustrate the importance of mobile optimized websites because of the increasing usage of mobile phones over desktops. Here comes the next stage of the mobile friendly trend and it somewhat brings us back to the original roots of using a telephone; phone calls.

With laptops as the previous primary tool for internet access, “contact us” has been the communicative engagement factor between customer and company. Google, known for making everything for us quicker and easier, is adding phone numbers to the organic mobile search results. A big change in the shifting pattern of mobile-internet collaboration. Now that people are most likely holding their phone in their hands when finding the search result, it is simply easier for the customer to have the number ready for dial rather than having to continue finding a number on their website.

The click-to-call function is going to have a box for itself. The box will make your phone number more visible, only one click away from the actual call itself. This new Google function is created for customers to quickly and easily contact the business (most likely local) most suitable for their Google search. In last April’s last Show Up tech update, we mentioned the trending pattern of “near me” searches because of the growing demand for local business results. The new phone function goes hand-in-hand with the local “near me” searches as it increases a local business’s opportunity for new customer relationships.

Google’s new algorithm change was reported to have been established late February/early March of 2016 and is still very new and, like any other tech update, there are new algorithm guidelines needed to be understood in order for your phone number to successfully “show up”.

With this new modification comes new methods to apply SEO strategies, but Google has not yet released any information on the criterias following the new phone number advancement. The design team at Show Up Web Design is staying updated and will apply these changes to our clients in order for them to receive the best possible online traffic results!