Facebook’s New Algorithm Change Intended to Improve the Quality of your Newsfeed Experience

Everyone who is an experienced Facebook user is familiar with the changes and updates in their newsfeed to simplify the use of the website. Their latest update will not only bring new eye appealing functionalities, but they are upgrading their news feed “algorithm” to prioritize the posts that you actually read.

The biggest learning from its research is that the actions people take on the platform — liking, clicking, commenting or sharing a post — don’t always tells the whole story of what is most meaningful to them – Facebook spokesperson

They are using methods such as observing how long a user stays on a page after having clicked on it. If a post receives a similar pattern of short-term visitations, it will be considered “unimportant” and will not remain on the news feed. Whereas a post with longer durations will climb the news feed for well deserved recognition.

The Facebook team is also researching their improvements through surveys conducted by tens of thousands of Facebook users. The challenge behind this update is relying on the result of the interviewees. The researchers already know what content is being clicked on, but they are aiming to find out what clicks are actually meaningful and worth going into.

5 tips to keep up with the new Facebook changes:

  1. Keep your post title relevant to the actual content.
  2. Use credible sources to support your message.
  3. Apply the newest and most effective methods (videos, hyperlinks, hashtags etc.)
  4. Adapt your post to the audience you want to reach.
  5. Implement a consistent flow of posts following a similar pattern of post procedures.

Digital algorithms are constantly being revised for improvements and your awareness of the changes and how you apply them will impact the traffic results of your company’s media platforms. Our success as a company derives from the success of our clients company’s.

Facebook boxWe engage ourselves full-hearted in every project we’ve ever tackled and we make improvements through every process we proceed. The design team at Show Up Web Design take these updates into deep consideration every time we assist our clients with their social media procedures. We will help you create your online content to show up and show off!