Want to improve your SEO? 6 reasons why your blog contributes to your overall SEO strategy.

Why is it so important to have an active and consistent blog on your website for your business? It helps with SEO in many important ways and it ties into marketing and SEO in general, especially regarding your brand’s social media. Many people believe they need a website and a separate blog which can confuse visitors by having to use two different websites to reach you online. Every decent theme today has a blog already built in and the blog should never be on a different site. The design team at Show Up want to promote blogs and highlight its connection to SEO. When tied together in a correct manner, it will produce more search hits and initially improve your online business traffic.


1. Include your blog on your initial website.

Connecting your blog with the same URL will essentially creates more exposure on your main website. A blog should should be consistently updated and act as the immediate messenger to your intended audience. It would be unnecessary to let your customers slip away from your beautiful website due to a separate blog.

2. Support your social media strategies.

Your social media platforms should always have posts and updates that hyperlink to every single new blog post you publish on your website. With the current craziness on live updates, a blog post is the perfect procedure to follow when lacking content to post on your social media or website. As you publish your fresh blog post to your social media content, you are expanding the amount of visitors to your business website as well.

“Blogging on your company’s website is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors” – Forbes

3. Increase your brand’s credibility.

Your blog is the easiest platform to share your knowledge and information within the industry that your business is operating in. Your blog performance will identify your credibility and serve as a place for current and potential customers to determine whether to contact your venture or not. Your blog should be used to give public proposals, relevant insight information, and last but not least; illustrate your company’s image.

4. Use hyperlinks!

Using a hyperlink is a seemingly easy, and credible, way of citing your sources. Linking your blog posts to your own website, or even earlier blog posts, will multiply your online traffic. It’s additionally necessary to hyperlink to other sources to prove that you have retrieved your information from external experts. Make sure that your sources are trustworthy. Applying unprofessional sources to your content will express lack of credibility. Hyperlinking to local or nearby businesses is a good start to collect local recognition.

5. Know your audience.

Knowing your business’s target market is crucial for your business. You should be familiar with what your audience wants to be informed on and how your services could be beneficial for them. Your blog should be updated with news and events that are relevant to your followers. Your posts should be strategically structured after content that actually matters to them.

6. Express your knowledge and passion.

Simply share your passion. No one but you decides on what is published on the blog. It does not matter whether it’s a lifestyle blog, business blog, online shop or cooking site, the more frequent content, the better! We would recommend to have someone with grammatical perfection and creative writing skills to make it seem personal and inviting. Grab inspiration from other successful blogs and continuously write them until you feel naturally comfortable doing so.

Blogger to WordPress.

Your blog should be your primary content publication strategy. Not updating your blog on a regular basis is one of the simple details that are so easily applied rather than avoided. Show Up uses WordPress which is programed and adapted to easily publish blog posts with the necessary tools to receive more online traffic when used correctly. If you feel unsure about your blog, start with all the advice mentioned above.

If you’re seeking professional help regarding your blog, we carry heavy expertise in blogging along with the additional factors such as social media, SEO, web design and much more. Contact our design team and get your blog started today!