4 Best Responsive Multipurpose Themes Available Right Now!

Having troubles figuring out which WordPress theme to use? You are not alone, finding a relevant and suitable theme for a new project is not an easy task. Your WordPress theme is going to be the backbone and core of your website so your choice of theme should be deeply thought out. To give you a head start, we have chosen 4 exclusively picked out responsive multipurpose themes that we find highly appealing. These are the four best themes available on the market today!

1. Berg

Created in November 2015, it is frequently updated which is why it has stayed at the top of the rankings since its release. The Berg has become such a popular sensation amongst WordPress themes because of the broad and almost endless opportunity of design that is easily adapted to any market. It has been used for everything from fitness, restaurants cafes and hotels, to furniture, music, film and corporate use. The page builder enables a simple drag & drop function making it easy for anyone to modify their a website with their own genuine style. If you’re having troubles building it you could always take a look at their website build-up tutorial films.

Berg theme

2. Laris

With a full SEO package included, this theme focuses on the easy experience of setting up and maintaining your website. The site is proven to have very fast programming and site speed which benefits both the personal and the business user. Laris is extremely visual and serves as a great platform for any designers, illustrators, film editors or photographers to present their work.


3. Boutique

Fully functional on all devices, Boutique expresses a very clean and stylish style of theme. “Boutique” is French and is translated to “shop”, and that’s exactly what it is; a fully responsive shopify theme for the modern professional. Online shops have been taking over consumer patterns and will continue to do so. If you are considering opening an online store for your products, Boutique would be our recommendation. Take a look at their website preview here!


4. Logancee

Primarily regarded as a ecommerce theme, we chose this eye-wakening template for its majestic presentation. It has every necessary feature, with 40 feature highlights on the theme profile, to make your online website the best of its kind.

“It has many different types of headers, multiple style & layout. Everything which is ready to use to make a complete website such as landing page, sale promotion, sales product, etc” – Themeforest

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The design team at Show Up Web Design place heavy importance on using a correctly formatted theme for every project we tackle. If you are i the process of choosing a theme and feel that you are in need of professional help, we will help you find the best suitable WordPress theme to work along the visions and intentions of your website. We are Santa Barbara’s #1 Google ranked web designer. Contact us and we will help you with every aspect (SEO, ecommcerce, social media, web development etc) of your website because that is what we do best. We are looking forward to helping you find your ultimate WordPress template for your website!