Here are the top 4 tech updates for April 2016!

That’s a wrap up for April! Every aspect of digital technology is developing at a rate that is truly challenging to stay updated on. The design team at Show Up have picked out 4 valuable recent updates that we feel should be considered and in need of attention for you to keep up with the mind blowing changes going on around us.

1. Raise your start up funding through social media.

The easiest and (arguably) the most efficient method of collecting recognition for your brand is through the use of social media. Connecting your business to social media is easy, but applying it a correct manner for your intentions is the determining factor of how responsive your social media will be. Social media posts represents the voice of your business and should be easily recognized by your audience through a well structured consistency of relevant posts. Ones you build up a credibly business image, your surrounding community will naturally choose you as their primary choice of company.

2. SEO like a boss! 

With the current amount of digital tools used for a variety of different business related reasons, SEO is very easily applied to your online work. It’s so easy that people tend to cut corners to save time which in the long run gives you more work to deal with later. Following certain simple guidelines will improve the continuous stream line of successful SEO results and ultimately beat your competitor’s online presence.

  • Create your own personal guidelines of how your business’s SEO operates.
  • Use a timeline of what to post and when to post it.
  • Don’t rush your SEO procedures, take time to figure out the pattern that best suites your company.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. SEO patterns change all the time, if you take one further step than your competitors, you might just complete the newest modern changes of SEO.

3. The rise of “near me” location searches.

Are you running a multi-location business? Then you’re definitely missing out on the good stuff unless you’ve applied your locations to your digital medias. During 2015, “near me” searches doubled; people search for the closest and most convenient option to meet their demands. This is necessary for any company attempting to increase their local recognition. The term “near me” is increasing from a search engine’s perspective and if your company’s location isn’t out there, make sure to get it out there today!


4. Include client testimonials on your website.

Yelp has become the ground pillars of online reviews. It is where people go to build an image of your business based on your previous/current customers. The problem is that you cannot take away the bad reviews you receive on Yelp; they are there to stay. Client testimonials serve as an credible external source of people to gather information about you without necessarily having to interact with you. If you run your own review page, you freely choose what content to publish. It’s an easy and effective way to illustrate your customer satisfaction.

If you have a hard time staying updated on the technological advancement we recommend you to tune into our blog by the end of every week and take a look at our weekly tech round ups because we find it heavily important for our customers and partners to stay as updated as possible. Show Up Web Design specifies on the newest and most effective methods to operate your website as we are the #1 web design company in Santa Barbara. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions. The design team wishes you a happy weekend and stay updated for more tech updates!