How to Ensure Your Content is Helping & Not Hurting Your Business

Many people today understand that it’s important to write frequent, fresh content be it via your blog or social media. It’s essential for SEO and helps engage your clients in your company, as well as market yourself. However, because having frequent content is expected, many companies make avoidable mistakes that end up hurting their company instead of helping it. Below are five things to keep in mind when writing content for your next blog or social media post to help you be successful.

1. Don’t Write Content for Content’s Sake

Make sure your content is relevant to your company and your image. If you’re a restaurant, you probably shouldn’t be posting content about fashion. Your content should be engaging, well written and timely. It’s better to not post anything at all then to post something random that doesn’t make sense with your company/image.

2. Write to be Read

That means writing high quality content, that’s researched and well written. Short, not thought out blurbs won’t rank in google. Quality is far more important than quantity, so don’t worry about churning out frequent posts if you don’t have the time to do them well. It’s also important to be original. Super saturated topics can easily be lost in an internet search, so find a new angle on a popular topic and your content is more likely to be seen and to rank.

3. Share, Share, Share

Simply posting on your blog will not generate interest or views. Make sure your content is promoted via all the appropriate social media channels. Link out to other blogs and reach out to related bloggers with large followings that would be interested in your pieces. Ask bloggers if they want to contribute to your site and have them write guest postings.

4. Use an Open Source CMS (WordPress)

When choosing a content management system, make sure it’s an open source one like WordPress. This enables you to get fresh content up frequently, and really helps with SEO. Google loves WordPress, and it’s built in SEO is designed to be read by google. With WordPress’ multimedia ability, frequent updates, and adaptability, it’s your best CMS choice. 

5. If You Want to Outsource Content Creation, Do So Wisely!

We get it- you’re busy, and creating content that fits every one these above suggestions is time consuming. It’s easier than ever to outsource today, but a lot of people don’t understand the importance of making very particular choices when entrusting your content/social media with someone else. Many people go with firms that use bots, which will hurt your ranking, and that don’t know you or live anywhere near you. Always keep in mind when hiring someone that the big firms don’t have the time or care to fully understand your business goals, needs and audience. Additionally, your audience will notice once your content becomes outsourced, hurting your authenticity, and they will stop engaging. It is always best to hire a local firm that you can communicate with easily, in person, and who can understand your clientele.