How And When Google’s New Local Business Cards Could Impact Search Results And Your Business.

 1. What are google local business cards exactly? 

Over the last month, Google has been testing this feature, similar to the candidate cards, in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The Local Business Card feature enables local businesses to endorse certain services and content in a card carousel, along with visual features and promotional information. Users can post text, video, and pictures that will instantly appear somewhat like a tweet on Google when receiving search hits.

2. How are google local business cards populated? 

Unlike the traditional rewarding of solid and sound SEO practices, “which take into account factors such as link authority, domain authority, website content, and, in the case of local businesses, NAP citations, Google’s Local Business Cards are displayed solely based on popularity.”  These “updates” aka business cards will populate solely based on popularity, almost like a twitter feed/update.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Google’s new Local Business Cards won’t make too much visual difference on your screen but their newest update implements a new approach for indexing. Comparable to the way Wikipedia previews their articles at the top for broad search queries, indexing for Local Businesses Cards will display the most relevant hits, with the best reviews toward the top of search results.

Bernie Business Card

3. How do you create a google local business card? 

Business cards are created by posting on google’s experimental Google Posts which are not ready for use yet but you have opportunity to sign up on their waitlist here. The function is going to be similar to social media as we know it, but geared towards the entire internet.

4. When is this going to happen and how does it affect current SERP’s and your business? 

It is extremely exclusive during its testing phase as it is currently reserved for presidential candidates, celebrities or major organization. No date has been set for a public launch, stay tuned for updates, as with any other google algorithm or SERP update, you want to make sure to stay ahead of the curve. Businesses who don’t dedicate their digital aspect of the company will struggle to be placed on the top using local business cards.

5. It is the next new big thing regarding local SEO! 

In order to successfully apply the new service you need to know how to post and expose engaging content. Agencies will have great beneficial use if they manage to produce and optimize content on large scales. Their services or products will have instant Google hits after being published on the internet.

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